What is WordPress? A Beginners Guide

What is WordPress? A Beginner’s Guide

WordPress is a website that hosts a blog platform used by millions of companies including this company that helps people find assisted living. It is a website operating system that is free to users. That is one reason to get WordPress although there are monetization options available. WordPress is also open source, which means it is a worldwide community that runs it although tech support can be hard to get because WordPress does not have a phone number. Duplicator Pro is a great plugin for doing backup and restores on your website. WordPress is the blogger standard when it comes to running any type of website from business to hobbies or an ecommerce store.

Monetizing WordPress costs $96 for the year, which is great if you are careful with your budget. WordPress is user-friendly as they tried a new system but the old system is easier to use. WordPress works on all computer screens, including phones because it can be accessed on desktop, laptops, tablets, and phones. WordPress is a good-looking blog platform only because it has many templates to choose from, and you can make your website colorful if you want to. There is a WordPress.com and a WordPress.org that comes up when one attempts to google WordPress. If you’re looking for WordPress website security or cloud storage, the Duplicator Pro plugin works wonders.

WordPress.com is commercialized, which means it allows for advertising on the blog that they provide. WordPress.org is an open source platform that anybody around the world can help develop. Some bloggers need someone else to deal with the original WordPress software, allowing other associates to handle it for them. WordPress requires a domain name be bought in order to make sure people know how to get to your blog. Monetization is one way to get the blog to make you advertising revenue from ads. The other element is a web hosting set up where your website is going to be kept.

Learning WordPress is easy enough, in particular while installing it on a local server. The technology meant to run WordPress is the package of software it was designed to be. For total beginners, WordPress is adequate because it is very self-explanatory and easy to navigate. WordPress can be considered easy to use for even non-technical people because WordPress comes with a set of features installed called plugins that you have to upgrade to business in order to install. I have a personal design package because my website is not necessarily an online business yet. WordPress is by nature, user-friendly, and easy to learn.